Hear what people are saying about my presentations

“Every good presentation has a take away. My take away was that women worldwide possess a unique unspoken kinship towards one another. We are nurturers and as such we can mentor and empower each other regardless of location, regardless of race, regardless of age.” – Patricia Milner, Tustin, CA
“As I listened to you, I kept imaging I was listening to a book with chapters. I was listening to a story that took me on a journey of ones growth through experiential learning gained from being open and ready to really see and really hear what others help us to learn.” – Paula Curran, Seattle, WA

Inquire about a presentation

You can help me publicize the stories and images of women I worked with and how they are changing the world a better place for all people.

If you would like me to give a presentation at your school, community or organization, please contact me. Please include basic information: name, location, type of audience, Web link if it exists, what focus of presentation you would like me to give.

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