My volunteers believe in my project and its mission. They hold a key to my success. Thanks to their kindness, time and energy they have given to me, this project is possible. I am always looking for new volunteers who are interested in raising awareness and funds for my project and the work I do.

Meet Miho’s team

Beverly Cherner (Editor/fundraising advisor)
“I support Miho’s project because the stories she is telling are so important. Miho is opening the door to the outdoors for all girls and women, not just those from a privileged background.”
Brea Jones (Website designer/developer)
“I am privileged to have many role models in my life, and I want to help Miho inspire girls, women, and all people to find their personal connection to nature.”

Duffy Ross (Editor)
“Girls and women from all walks of life need role models that authentically reflect our global heritage. Anything less is a disservice to humanity. I thank Miho for being an ideal messenger and bringing the experiences of these remarkable women to communities far and wide.”

Eiko Toyooka (Advisor in art and design)
“I’d like to support Miho because I believe her project impacts women not only in the outdoors but also in many other fields. I’m inspired by Miho, bringing this project out to the world, and the women she met on her journey.”
Kati Dombrosky (Publicist)
“As a mother of two young girls, I take Miho’s Mission very personally with hopes that my daughters find role models like Miho and the women she’s met from around the world.”
Marisa Nordstrom (Speech editor)
“I am happy to help my dear friend Miho because I believe in the aims of her project. I am grateful that she addresses women’s empowerment, the protection of our natural world and social justice.”
PaHoua Lee (Video production advisor)
“I believe women have a voice the world needs to hear. I eagerly support Miho’s efforts because she is a woman of color, serving as a role model and empowering other women of color in the work for social justice.”
Tao Graham (Graphic designer)
“I see Miho’s work as “work as love in action”, the best kind. I am inspired by her forum, careful documentation, and persistent commitment to help women speak their truth and share the adventures of their lives with the world.”

If you are interested in joining my team, please contact me.

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