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Future project: Alcatraz – The Rock That Hit the Water

In 2010, the project explored the role of Native American women activists in our public land, and unveil their contribution to protect our parks’ natural and cultural resources. By giving voices to these women, I am hoping to increase a representation of Native American women and how they have always been a part of conservation effort of our parks.

Currently, I am producing a short documentary video that tells a story of the American Indian women of many nations whose lives have been transformed through the 1969-1971 Alcatraz Island occupation. In this story, these women share their connection to Alcatraz, how the occupation has continued to impact their lives today and how they want to make a difference in their community.

I need an additional fund to secure historic moving images from the Alcatraz occupation to assist the visual part of the video. By donating to “Alcatraz – The Rock That Hit The Water,” you become part of an effort to inspire girls, especially American Indian girls to see role models who look and sound like them so that they know they can make a difference in their communities.

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